Features of aluminum foil bags

Release time:2020-11-21

Aluminum foil pouch can be used for lamp packaging, various circuit boards, electronic products, fine machinery accessories, consumer goods, industrial products and other packaging.

Foil pouches are made from aluminum and other high-barrier materials by dry blending according to the unique properties of aluminum. Aluminum foil bag light weight, gloss, strong reversal ability, good barrier, impermeability to gas and water vapor, strong adaptability to temperature, so it has good moisture resistance, light resistance, light resistance, penetration resistance and appearance beauty. Stable shape at high or low temperatures, strong shading ability and good aroma retention. The permeability of water vapor can reach less than 0.015g/(m2.24h) >, and has the function of heat sealing. Vacuum-packed, composite aluminum foil bag appearance opaque, silver white, reflective luster, can be stored in a temperature < 38 C, humidity < 90% environment.

Food plastic bags are often used in people's lives, but be careful when using them. So how to tell?

1. Eye observation

Non-toxic plastic bags are white, transparent or slightly transparent, with uniform texture. Toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but have poor transparency and turbidity. The plastic surface is not evenly stretched by small particles.

2. Listen with your ears

When the plastic bag is shaken vigorously with your hand, the sound clearly indicates that it is a non-toxic plastic bag, while the low and dull sound is a toxic plastic bag.

3. Touch with your hands

Touch the surface of the plastic bag with your hands is smooth and non-toxic; Sticky, astringent and waxy toxic.

4. Sniff with your nose

Non-toxic plastic bags are odorless. Those substances that have a pungent odor or abnormal taste are toxic.

5. Water immersion test method

Put the plastic bag in the water, press it to the bottom with your hands, wait a while, the surface of the water is a non-toxic plastic packaging bag, and the bottom sinks to the bottom is a toxic plastic packaging bag.

6. Combustion method

Non-toxic plastic bags are flammable, the flame is yellow, part is cyan, dripping like candlelight when burning, there is a paraffin smell; Toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, extinguished when on fire, the flame is yellow or black, the bottom is green, softening will draw wire, and may also smell pungent odors.

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