How should food vacuum bags be chosen

Release time:2020-11-21

1: Vacuum bags are divided into single layer and multiple layers

Ordinary vacuum bags are PE monolayer materials, such bags can be vacuumed, but the damage rate and air leakage rate of vacuum are relatively high, but the cost is low, many customers choose single-layer PE bags as vacuum bags in order to save costs. Good vacuum bags are made of multi-layer composite materials, such as: nylon / PE, this is a two-layer composite bag, such a bag is strong, vacuum will not leak, most of the current food packaging bags are selected multi-layer composite bags as vacuum bags.

2: Material thickness and special property material selection

Different foods should be packed with different thicknesses and vacuum bag materials with different properties, heavy products should choose thick materials, loaded products light should choose thin materials to save costs. Of course, the thicker the material, the higher the cost, but the stronger it will be. Different foods will have different properties, for example: the oiliness of salt-baked food should choose oil-resistant materials, kimchi foods with high salt should choose acid- and alkali-resistant materials, and products that need to be sterilized or cooked at high temperature should choose high-temperature-resistant materials.

key words: How should food vacuum bags be chosen