A century of ups and downs to mark the party's grace

Release time:2021-06-30

To celebrate the centennial birthday of the CPC, review the glorious history of the Party, eulogize the great achievements of the Party, and enhance the sense of honor and mission of all Party members;

On June 26, 2021, our company organized more than 12 branch personnel to participate in the Chengdu Battle Martyrs Cemetery. In December 1949, the last large-scale campaign to liberate the mainland of China was launched in Chengdu, and the People's Liberation Army wiped out more than 50000 enemies in the Pujiang battlefield; Seriously study the cultural relics, pictures, books, etc. displayed in the Chengdu Campaign Memorial Hall in different carriers, and from different angles and sides, vividly, objectively and truly record and reproduce the heroic battle history of the People's Liberation Army in the southwest, the decisive battle in western Sichuan, and the liberation of Chengdu, and become an important base for remembering the martyrs, educating future generations, encouraging the future, carrying forward the fine revolutionary tradition, deepening patriotism education and national defense education, To liberate Chengdu peacefully, remember the history and appreciate the hard-won peaceful life;

May we always follow the Party and never forget our original intention,
Work hard and bear heavy responsibilities;

key words: A century of ups and downs to mark the party's grace